South East Skin Clinic Offers Daylight PDT.

What is PDT?

PDT (Photodynamic therapy) is a very effective method for treating multiple Solar Keratosis which are pre-cancerous red, flaky lesions on the backs of hands, face, forehead & other sun-exposed areas.  PDT may also be used to treat IEC & a variety of other skin conditions, including sebaceous hyperplasia.

This treatment requires a visit to a clinic. The cream is stored in a monitored vaccination fridge and is applied by the practitioner to affected areas. The photosensitive chemical in the cream is taken up by abnormal cells (keratinocytes). The cream only becomes active when the skin is exposed to a special light (conventional PDT) or by daylight (daylight PDT).

The cosmetic results of PDT are generally considered to be the best amongst treatments for Solar Keratosis. Many people find that the treatment leaves their skin looking more youthful. The main alternative to PDT for multiple sunspots is efudix cream.

PDT Brisbane