UPDATE 15/9/2020

Please accept our apologies that we are unable to see new patients because we have reached capacity.

We are looking for another skin cancer doctor and will update this page when we are ready for new patients.

Thank you for your understanding.


Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Skin cancer clinics are an essential service.

What Precautions do you take?

  • The clinic is spacious.
  • Surfaces are disinfected between patients.
  • Maximum 4 patients in the waiting room.
  • The Doctor wears a surgical mask during the skin examination.


Clear & transparent

  • Service
  • Skin Check – Standard
  • Skin Check -Longer
  • Biopsy – Shave
  • Biopsy – Shave x 2
  • Biopsy – Shave x 3
  • Biopsy – Punch
  • Excision – Standard
  • Excision – large
  • Excision – Grafts or flaps
  • Out of Pocket
  • $46.80
  • $91.05
  • $29.90
  • $52.35
  • $71.08
  • $75.60
  • $150
  • $165
  • N/A
  • Total (without rebate)
  • $85
  • $165
  • $75
  • $120
  • $150
  • $120
  • varies with medicare rebate
  • varies with medicare rebate
  • Referral Required
  • Medicare Rebate
  • $38.20
  • $73.95
  • $45.10
  • $67.65
  • $78.92
  • $44.40
  • varies
  • varies
  • varies

General FAQs

Questions about our Service

A skin check takes between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

A ‘short appointment’ lasts up to 15 minutes whilst a ‘long appointment’ lasts up to 30 minutes.

The booking process asks a few questions that help to identify patients who require a longer appointment.

We use three different mole scan devices.

The most impressive is The Visiomed D120 mole scanner. This is a fully-fledged mole scanner with a dedicated PC and dedicated mole mapping software.

Please note that the service specialises in the early diagnosis of skin cancer.

We do offer skin cancer surgery for skin cancer :

  • under 1.5cm in size AND
  • located on the arms, legs (above the knee) , shoulders, abdomen or trunk.

However, we do not offer surgery for skin cancer

  • On the ears, face or scalp
  • Below the knees
  • Skin Cancer larger than 1.5cm in Diameter

Patients requiring surgery outside of the above parameters are referred to the public hospital or to a private plastic surgeon.

Flaps or grafts are not performed at South East Skin Clinic because we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of early skin cancer.

Your four options are:

  1. A referral to a private plastic surgeon. Patients often fear a referral to a plastic surgeon because of the belief that they cater for Penthouse owners seeking cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons are more affordable than you think. Plastic surgeons are located around Brisbane Bayside and Brisbane Private Hospitals.
  2. Public Hospital ‘SLAM clinic‘ (Skin Lesion Assessment Management) is an excellent service introduced at The Redlands public hospital in 2019. The clinic accepts referrals for patients to be seen and treated in one visit!
  3. Public Hospital plastic surgery – for patients who are not eligible for the SLAM clinic. The Princess Alexandra Hospital lists over 10 plastic surgeons.
  4. Mohs Surgery is an excellent choice of surgery for skin cancers that are located on cosmetically sensitive areas. Two Mohs surgeons moved to Redlands City in 2019.

Our expertise lies in the combination of expert dermoscopy with judicious use of skin biopsy.

There are three outcomes following a very close dermoscopic examination:

  • No longer any concern
  • Possible melanoma – unlikely, but cannot be absolutely ruled out – either follow up within 1-3 months, or biopsy
  • Medium or high likelihood of melanoma: Surgical Excision is required

Fact Check: The number of excisions required for a single melanoma diagnosis varies considerably between different doctors

When there is uncertainty, the skin cancer doctor will discuss with you the way forward – usually monitoring or a biopsy.

Lesions of potential threat are either biopsied or monitored using the Visiomed mole scanner.

The skin check may reveal a concerning lesion that requires a biopsy.

Shave biopsy is usually performed at the time of your appointment but we would ask you to make a separate appointment for:

  • Multiple Shave biopsies
  • Excisions requiring stitches

An annual skin check is generally recommended for adults who have mild to moderate risk factors for skin cancer.

Light Makeup may be worn prior to a skin check. Permission will be sought to remove small areas of makeup if required.

Skin tags and some types of sebaceous cysts may be removed on request. An initial consultation is required to discuss treatment options.

Removal of these lesions is generally not covered by medicare rebates unless a biopsy is required to rule out skin cancer.

Author: Dr Richard Beatty

Last Modified:   15/9/2020

First published: 03/12/2014